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Ahh.. never gets old.

FILMCOW! Guis! I thought you'll never return and contribute to Newgrounds!
Yet you're here. And uploading your new stuff from youtube..
Please stay. Neegrounds missed you. c:

This is actually quite good. :D
Nice job man! I like all the gaming and Wreck it Ralph reference you made!

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A nice little distraction. Though, with the PC, you could always win by using the fake move and wait for his block time to go and strike him.

Quite fun little game! A nice distraction. But kinda just a Doodle Jump clone.
But whatever, it's better than Doodle Jump because of this rainy-day music.. So chill. xD

Let me start off by saying that I didnt play Earthbound as a kid.
Since I grew up with the Playstation, I didn't really know Earthbound until the internet gave me this information about this amazing game.
Well, I kinda played Earthbound, but didn't finish it cuz the Emulator screwed up without able to save the game or a save state so I got unmotivated to finish it. And I kinda dislike turn based combat.

So, THIS GAME. A mix between flappybird, which I also got addicted into, and Earthbound.
I love this this version of yours more than the others because it actually feels as good as the mobile game.

Cons, though, is that the inifnite well(?) stage and the stage where there are seizure inducing green stuff makes my game lag the heck up. Making it unplayable on those stages.

And why I hate this more is that I GOT A SCORE OF 169 AND I SOMEHOW DIDNT GET TO BE IN THE LEADERBOARDS! ;_;
Proof of my score on my newspost.

Still, as great as flappybird. :3

Kcori responds:

Sorry about your score not being posted! Did you hit the submit score button?

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Hey awesome! Great remix.
Im also excited for Sonic 4 Episode 2 too!

KennyChu responds:

Yes, I played it when is beta! And I think the game is very good!

It was ok!

This awesome! I love Sakura's theme!
And she is also my main.
Anyway dude, its still not perfect, still needs some improvements, but its still cool!

DiroNomer responds:

Yeah. I wasn't really familier with it because I never really played Street Fighter, so I pretty much had to create it by ear as soon as I heard it. I didn't want to make it too synthy (making up words here) because I felt it would sound too much like the original song, so I wanted to add my own style to it. Thanks for the comment :D


This is perfect song for relaxing!
Its so calming, your piano skillz are awesome!
I LOVE it! :D

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Yo this is a very cool piece! And your mentor is THE Tyler Edlin? Dood, Im jealous! xD

Eurns responds:

Thanks and YES, I took his mentorship because I felt like my progress was slowing down on my own.

I will die for him

The art is great and all but THAT TITLE SPEAKS TO ME! UwU

That guy that tries to git gud at drawing and draws a lot of animal people. Currently working in an outsourcing animation studio.


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